Best Michelin Star Restaurants In San Jose Near Me

1. Restaurante Grano De Oro - San Bosco

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Restaurante Grano De Oro
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Address: WWM4+CQQ, Calle 30, San Bosco, San José, 10101, Costa Rica

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7 AM

Telephone: +506 2255 3322

Business type: Restaurant

Restaurante Grano De Oro: what do users think?
David Bethiel
David Bethiel: This is one of the best fine dining restaurants you will find in San Jose. The cost is commensurate with that level of quality, but frankly, it was reasonable for the experience. The food was excellent... loved the lamb shank. Reservations definitely recommended. This place will easily become a favorite for you to return to whenever you visit San Jose.
Hector Willars
Hector Willars: Excellent dinner and reasonably priced for a gourmet restaurant and exceptional service. Enjoyed dinner in the elegant dining room overlooking the open air courtyard. It happened to be lightly raining during dinner, making for a truly unique experience. Highly recommend.
Q L: We are the guest of the hotel and we decided to have dinner here as well, the atmosphere is amazing, they had decorated for the Christmas holiday, we had a pretty significant misunderstanding with the waiter (12/7th) luckily the manager stepped in and handled everything with one of the most professional customer centric approaches we have ever seen. We’d lovely to come back again and highly recommended.
Paul Jones
Paul Jones: This place was amazing! We stumbled into it by chance, and now we want to stay here at the hotel on our next trip (this time was just dinner).
Nicolas Steegmann
Nicolas Steegmann: Great service, presentation and vibe. We really enjoyed the environment but the food was flavorless. It’s not acceptable for a high-end restaurant that charges these prices to not have tasty delicious food
Nick Halverson VSB
Nick Halverson VSB: Absolutely wonderful restaurant. High quality and delicious food. Professional wait staff. Great ambiance (my group and I sat outside in the courtyard). I will definitely return.
you tub (gomarlins)
you tub (gomarlins): Will not go back meal was ok over priced nothing out of this world. Dessert was ok

2. Restaurante Silvestre - Amón

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699 reviews
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Restaurante Silvestre
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Address: 955 Downtown, C. 3A, Amón, San José Province, San José, 10101, Costa Rica

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12 PM

Telephone: +506 2221 2465

Business type: Restaurant

Restaurante Silvestre: what do users think?
Zak Harmon
Zak Harmon: Such an exquisite place. The 8 course dinner experience and wine pairing is worthy of a Michelin star. The creativity of the food concepts and the presentation of the plates ties together perfectly with the ambience and atmosphere of the restaurant. This is my favorite fine dining experience in San Jose so far!
Arman Barbuco
Arman Barbuco: I was searching for a local restaurant to eat and after reading the comments we decided to go. That’s a good choice. The place is nice, it reminds me of those old houses back in our country Philippines. We asked the staff to tell us about the menu. They recommended the 8 course menu. But there are also the regular ones. We decided for the 8 course and it was perfect. All are great tastes on their own. So if you decide to visit to this place the 8 course is a must try, you will not regret it.
Andreea Giurgea
Andreea Giurgea: Nice restaurant quite close to where we were staying in San Jose. We had the tasting menu with wine pairing. Some dishes were very nice while some were not so good. Very creative menu, inspired by Costa Rican regions. The service was good but the explanations of the dishes could have been better. Other guests got more in depth explanations in Spanish, while we felt a bit left out. The food presentation was super creative.
Evangelia Margariti
Evangelia Margariti: We had the 8 course menu that Silverstre offers and it was mythical. A wide variation of flavours. The service was exceptional and with each course was a detailed explanation of the dish. Perfect atmosphere! Highly recommended for a fine dining experience in Costa Rica!
Jordan Maughan
Jordan Maughan: Such a good tasting menu. Felt like I was eating some of the authentic dishes of Costa Rica prepared in unique ways with the best ingredients. If you’re in the SJO area, you should definitely go here!
Sunny Argan
Sunny Argan: Fantastic restaurant with amazing service. Great menu and wine list. I would suggest the inventive tasting menu with the chef’s wine pairing. You will be taken on a journey full of flavorful dishes with depth and meaning.
Gilbert Corrales
Gilbert Corrales: Amazing gem right on the edge of the capital. Their 3 course lunch menu is an amazing way to enjoy quality food and be surprised by the creative of the chef. Wine pairing with the meal was a nice surprise and amplified the amazing flavours of the meals prepared. This is a place deserving of a Michelin star.
Melody Desrochers
Melody Desrochers: Amazing food and ambiance. A Costa Rican gem! The chef prepares dishes to represent the different areas in the country. A must try
Teo Trenkov
Teo Trenkov: Great experience, pleasantly surprised by the stories that go with each dish. Mind blown by the 3* Michelin worthy honey dessert.

3. Cocina Ecléctica - San Rafael

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170 reviews
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Cocina Ecléctica
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Address: Trejos Montealegre, San José Province, San Rafael de Escazú, Costa Rica

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12 PM

Telephone: +506 6425 1098

Business type: Fine dining restaurant

Cocina Ecléctica: what do users think?
Heiner Thielmeier
Heiner Thielmeier: Simply amazing food, all the dishes were outstanding. There is no menu, you just tell them if you have any food restrictions or dislikes and they prepare the dishes. Our family enjoyed all the food we got served, great experience!
Gina: This was the best dining experience I’ve had this year! And definitely my absolute favorite in Costa Rica! Everything from the ambiance to each carefully thought out dish was truly incredible! You are literally inside the chef’s home, she and her daughter invite you in for the ultimate dining experience. It’s in a quiet residential neighborhood and has a lovely inner courtyard. I came here as part of my bachelorette weekend in Costa Rica, and all five of us were so impressed by the food! You don’t know what the matron of the house/the chef will serve up - you just tell her about any food allergies you may have, and let the feast begin! You will be served dish after dish until you tell them to stop. We stopped at four dishes — each dish had Asian inspired flavors in them, which were all drawn from the chef’s experiences living abroad in Asia. She even makes her own kimchi!! I can’t stop singing praises for each dish, and I also asked for extra kimchi and it was amazing… it’s definitely very unique blend of international flavors that the chef makes it uniquely her own. I’d totally come here again without hesitation if I’m ever in Costa Rica again! And maybe next time I’ll try to see if I can stuff myself with more than 4 courses!
Lisa Meier
Lisa Meier: I still can’t believe how incredible this culinary experience was. I came without knowing anything about this place, only that it’s been a special recommendation of a friend who said that Cocina Eclectica was the best place she had eaten at in Costa Rica. I can only confirm that and can recommend this special restaurant 100% without any doubt. This place literally is a hidden gem, the food is incredibly yummy, the place very special - truly eclectic in every sense. The owner is a charismatic lady who cooks like a 5 star chef. There’s no menu, you only have to say if you have any special requirements. Price for value is unbeatable. Thanks for this exceptional experience. I will definitely come back and recommend it 100%! Wow!!!
Mike T
Mike T: What an amazing experience. The owner is very nice. The food is amazing. The venue is amazing also. Sit down, relax and be ready to eat what they want to feed you. Best experience ever without a menu
Michael Stamm
Michael Stamm: Joanna is a gem! She creates healthy, wholesome creative dishes with a penchant for fresh ingredients. I strongly recommend dining here. There are also rooms in the house that are available to rent nightly or more long term.
K. Andrews
K. Andrews: It’s not a simple meal; it’s an experience; Another realm, the real deal. Your endearing friend, who happens to be a fantastic chef, is cooking just for you. Your body, heart, and soul will be delighted. Consider yourself lucky if you get to eat at j’s once in this life. So sorry for you if you don’t. Tips: Make reservations. Take cash or colones. Never say no to dessert.
grace azmitia
grace azmitia: Our last night in Costa Rica my boyfriend and I were fortunate enough to stumble upon this hidden gem. There are few places I’ve been that are truly magical and this undoubtedly is one of them! The chef, Joanna welcomed us into her beautiful home and fed us as if we were family. I had been sick with an upset stomach and she made a wonderful kanji with chicken rice and ginger. It was absolutely delicious and every dish she presented us with was unique, special and made for us. The garden is a peaceful oasis and the perfect place to share a meal with someone you love. I can’t recommend this place strongly enough! My advice would be to go with an open mind, an empty stomach and an adventurous spirit. 🙏

4. L'ile de France - San Rafael

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363 reviews
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L'ile de France
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Address: Avenida Escazú Costa Rica Escazú, 10203, Costa Rica

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12 PM

Telephone: +506 2289 7533

Business type: French restaurant

L'ile de France: what do users think?
Laurie Graham
Laurie Graham: The food was rich and delicious. The best escargot I’ve ever had. The cocktails were show-stoppers and the desserts were spectacular. The waitstaff treat you like an old friend. I’ll be dining here every time I come to San José.
Sandi: Wonderful restaurant for a stop in to enjoy a glass of wine while sitting outside enjoying the beautiful weather. Great selections of wine. A must if you prefer a white…Le Grand Noir Sauvignon Blance! Delicious and refreshingly good! Cheers!
Gonzalo Contreras del Solar
Gonzalo Contreras del Solar: This is also on Avenida Escazú, it has an open area as well as inside seatings. I was alone so sat on the bar. The chairs were tall and heavy, difficult to slide, so need help to seat close to the bar table. They had a Sommelier recommending wine and dishes that would go along them. Had the chance to chat for a while, settling for a Rioja Bordón Crianza, which at first taste you found the acidity, and later as it took air, it was incredible. On the food side, the dishes and quality was excellent, had a fish tartare, very well prepared, and shrimps and rice with a lemon sauce. Excellent food all in all, as well as the service which was cordial and always looking at any sign if I would need any help.
Bryan Meneses
Bryan Meneses: Tonight was my first time here, I had a memorable experience! I have to say L’Ile de France exceeded my expectations, the hostess was super friendly and welcoming, our server was Gustavo and his recommendations were on point, he explained some of the best dishes on the menu to help us choose the best option available. Our appetizer was Tartare de Salmon, main dish Boeuf Bourguignon and our dessert was a French apple tart with whipped cream and vanilla ice cream. Not only our food was delicious but also the service provided was 5 stars! I walked out this restaurant extremely satisfied with everything. I highly recommend this place and I will definitely come back.
Charles Chou
Charles Chou: Awesome food and great environment Been coming to the restaurant years and always love the quality of food and great selection of cocktails After the dinner , there are many places to look around afterwards , that’s a plus too
Aaron: Friendly, attentive service, outstanding food with beautiful presentations. The ambience and decor were fitting for a classy experience. The steak tartare was especially memorable.
Анастасия Чуднова
Анастасия Чуднова: Tried bouillabaisse, because we are missing European kitchen. Disappointed. It is not bouillabaisse at all, tasteless soup, wherein fish was absolutely walded in another bouillon. Vegetables undercooked. Kitchen tried to add taste and flavour by adding saffron, but it didn’t make anything bouillabaisse or another dish. Just read recipe, it is not difficult at all: 1 kilo fish should be walded for 1 portion. Vegetables should be pre-baked. And warning: saffron may become a poison in such big amount.
Charlie Chou
Charlie Chou: Love the restaurant and been coming here over the yearsGreat dining environment and love the menu . Also large selection of cocktails , many shops nearby so can walk around afterwards the meal , that’s a plus

5. La Divina Comida Fusión Peruana - San Rafael

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546 reviews
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La Divina Comida Fusión Peruana
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Address: Avenida Escazu, San José, San Rafael, Costa Rica

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11 AM

Telephone: +506 2208 8899

Business type: Peruvian restaurant

La Divina Comida Fusión Peruana: what do users think?
PR Davis
PR Davis: We chose this restaurant walking around and it was a pleasant surprise!! The service was Costa Rica slow ;)) but the food and priced were exceptional! LOVED the zucchini appetizer. We shared the entrees and they were delicious also. The rolls were fresh and the sauce was different lol. I will definitely return to try other selections. Oh and the house wines were perfect!
Winnie Huang
Winnie Huang: Ceviche was very tasty, and the egg over fried rice was pretty good too (but very salty). Cocktails were just okay, nice ambience though! However when they first served the octopus, it was chewy like a rubber. Server was kind enough to send it back and made a new one, which was pretty good. But then on the bill, they wrongfully charged us ~$30USD more, and those were the bottled water and cocktail from the table next to us…
Gonzalo Contreras del Solar
Gonzalo Contreras del Solar: This is a Peruvian restaurant, as all in my visit to Costa Rica, on the Escazú street. I sat inside, the seats were very comportable. While I waited for my guests to arrive, I was able to speak with the owner as well the waiter who gave me the recommendations of what to eat. The menus never give this type of advise. By the time my guests arrive, I knew what we would eat, they all followed his recommendation. In addition to the Ceviches and Tiraditos that are typical Peruvian, I normally have as a second dish the Lomo Salteado. This time I went with the waiters recommendation of grilled salmon with a crust of Quinoa. The Argentinean Malbec was the perfect companion for the food and conversation. Prices were very reasonable for the quality.
Response: Gonzalo thank you very much for your comments 🙏🙏 We look forward to seeing you again soon. Greetings; Mark Antony
Miguel Rojas
Miguel Rojas: This place is unique in all senses, food is an explosion of unexpected flavors in your mouth, portions are perfectly measured to get you satisfied, service is great.Food: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Kristy Calderon
Kristy Calderon: Food is very indulgent, and the portions are huge. If you like both of those things, then you will like Comida Divina.Food: 5/5 | Service: 4/5 | Atmosphere: 4/5 …More
Adrian Hunt
Adrian Hunt: The service was really good, the folks were very attentive and very knowledgeable of the full menu. THE FOOD WAS AMAZING!! We ordered the octopus as a starter YUM!! Then shared the Tacu Tacu and let me just say it was SO GOOD!! Totally recommend this place!! No pictures posted, didn’t have time because the food was so good!!
Troy Simmons
Troy Simmons: Incredible dinner and atmosphere in open air dinning room. Portions are Texas sized, so pace yourself. Ceviche, salads, were our favorites, truly talented chef! 10 out of 10. Vegetarian options: Many options were avalable. Wheelchair accessibility: Ramps abound. We actually had someone next to our table and it was very accesible. I think the owners/management take higher attention to this area of service.

6. Park Cafe Antiques - Américas

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46 reviews
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Park Cafe Antiques
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Address: C. 48, Gral Cañas, San José Province, San José, 1000, Costa Rica

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9 AM

Telephone: +506 2290 6324

Business type: Antique furniture store

Park Cafe Antiques: what do users think?
Alvertos Revach
Alvertos Revach: What an amazing place! An antique shop that doubles as a gourmet restaurant, with excellent food, tapas style. Prices are about 6,500 CRC per plate, and the plates we tried were all amazing, and their presentation was fantastic. I loved the ambiance too, the inner garden was perfect for lunch. Highly recommended!
Stephanie González
Stephanie González: Most gourmet restaurant in San Jose. Park Cafe has a way of making you feel at home but being so fancy! Always good to see chef Richard and his team and enjoy the delicacies they serve.
Alejandra Urdaneta
Alejandra Urdaneta: Absolutely incredible experience. And I say experience, because everything about this place is noteworthy. From having to adventure through a few antiques and wooden elephants (probably originated from an intriguing place in Asia) to get to the table, to dining among buddha-like sculptures, this is most definitely an adventure. The food is mouthwatering, and perfectly executed and paired with expertly matched wines. We ordered the tasting menu, and everything about it was to die for. I especially liked the scallops wrapped in prosciutto, the rabbit with gorgonzola gnocchis, the snapper cooked à la papillon, and the fondant with coffee ice cream. If you’re ever in San José, this place is a must!
Jonathan Lambert
Jonathan Lambert: The food is exquisite and prepared with a keen eye for presentation so the courses look as good as they taste. Every course came with its own wine which were generally very well matched to the food. The place is intimate and beautiful and the service superb. Without doubt one of the finest restaurants in Costa Rica. I highly recommend it, especially for a romantic dinner to celebrate a special occasion .
Anna Babitsky
Anna Babitsky: Excellent food by Michelin star chef. We ordered five dishes and got the sixth on the house. The service was impeccable and we felt like special guests in this amazing setting among beautiful antiques. Definitely an evening to remember and we will be back next time we are in town.
Matthew Daly
Matthew Daly: What an epic food adventure to close out our Costa Rica trip. Richard (the chef) and his team put more care and effort into the details of their food and dining experience than you will find probably anywhere in the entire country. Wife and I did the ‘Degustation’ menu (pre-fixed) and it was incredible, we loved every dish. Do be careful to let them know WHY if you decide to pass on anything, I noticed a lot of genuine concern when I only drank half my first cocktail. Had to let them know we ordered cocktails before knowing we’d be getting drinks with every course. The staff were superb and I even had a great conversation with Louise, who runs the art in the Cafe about the pieces on display. Will tell friends back home about this place, can’t be missed.
Samir T. Patel
Samir T. Patel: One of the best places I’ve ever eaten at. Love the decor and ambiance. The owner is great and the food was terrific. Ask the chef/server to just pick your tapas for you — recommend 2-3 plates per person. You must coordinate reservations ahead of time.
andrew higginson
andrew higginson: Unique beautiful location in an Indonesian furniture store. The best food in Costa Rica, this is the place we always go for special occasions. The degustation menu is world class. Thanks for another great evening Park Cafe!

7. Furca - Nunciatura

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1223 reviews
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Address: WVRQ+4C9, Nunciatura, San José, Costa Rica, San José, Nunciatura, 10101, Costa Rica

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12 PM

Telephone: +506 2220 4909

Business type: Restaurant

Furca: what do users think?
Jay Frank
Jay Frank: Went here for dinner because a colleague recommended this place.....and now I fully understand why. The dining room was fully booked so we sat at the bar. Jorge and Jerry at the bar to excellent care of us. Gave good menu and drink recommendations. Both great ambassadors for the restaurant! It is not a cheap place but absolutely quality food and drinks! Highly recommend this place.
Steven: Fine dining as best in the world as I’ve experienced House bread, beef carpaccio, ribeye charred and cooked to a perfect medium, duck confit, pesto mash, Gorgonzola mash Everything executed beautifully. It was a true dining experience and a pleasure. Thank you what a birthday meal Shoutout to the pineapple basil smash, excellent cocktail
Nicholas Alexander
Nicholas Alexander: Top three restaurants in the country. Truly everything was amazing. The drinks were amazing. Must try the foie, and as many apps as possible
Irene Urena
Irene Urena: I’ve been coming to this place since they open and it is a wonderful surprise that they’re still as good and keep the menu interesting. Beautiful restaurant and location it is my number one recommendation for friends visiting San Jose. Today a table was getting little rowdy and the manager decided not to sell more alcohol to them, I’ll give them extra points for keeping it classy. Their Goat Milk and Passionfruit Panna Cotta is my all time favorite but food here is very consistent and service is also wonderful.
Serena Bendycki
Serena Bendycki: Prepare yourself for an amazing culinary adventure. From the instance you sit down you’re graced with a welcoming ambiance and friendly staff. Their cocktail presentation is second to none, and the quality of drink and food is no different. Can not recommend enough if you’re in the San Jose area. Oh, did I mention they have their own herb garden? See photos for pepper plant!
Nick Halverson VSB
Nick Halverson VSB: Furca is one of the best restaurants I’ve ever been to, anywhere in the world. The food is amazing - I ordered the prime rib and portobello mushroom sandwich. I love sandwiches - but this is in a different all together. You can taste the quality of ingredients is unparalleled. Every detail has been thought out and planned. From the way the bread is served (along with 3 different spreads) to the way the presentation of the food is done. Exquisite. We discovered it and went there three times in a matter of 2.5 days…and we will be back. Wonderful staff. Reservations are encouraged if dining after 7 pm. Get there earlier without a reservation.
Mike Marshall
Mike Marshall: Great food, refined atmosphere but not pretentious... servers were informed and polite. Not inexpensive but a welcomed and accommodating evening..
Marcus Petteway
Marcus Petteway: Absolutely delicious food and beautiful atmosphere. The seafood was so fresh and the cocktails were a hit! Definitely a must try when you are in Costa Rica!
Katie Sanderson
Katie Sanderson: Dinner at 📍 @furcacr Rating: 🤩🤩 Must visit if your in the area Thoughts 💭 Wow, what a delight. A beautiful restaurant in Rohrmoser, Costa Rica. The complimentary range of breads were all delicious. Our mains were both outstanding. We got Picanha and my favourite of the night duck and caramelised onions confit. The really nailed the meat here. We ordered the foie potatoes as a side which weren’t too great but the Gorgonzola mash potato was very nice. Reviews by @thefoodiestraveldiary

8. Bacchus - Santa Ana

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722 reviews
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Address: C. 5, San José Province, Santa Ana, 10906, Costa Rica

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12 PM

Telephone: +506 6012 8021

Business type: Italian restaurant

Bacchus: what do users think?
Emily Lin
Emily Lin: Literally one of the highlights of our last day in Costa Rica! We came for an early dinner before our flight and they allowed us to bring our luggage with us to the seat to store it. They were also careful and checked all my food allergies which is a huge plus for us. We got the clams/ octopus and also the sea bass and both of which had great presentations and were sooo tasty. We finished the night with a delicious tiramisu and lemon dessert! Definitely will be coming back the next time we are visiting!
Andrea Amos
Andrea Amos: Wonderful restaurant with amazing service. Everything we had was amazing. We will definitely make this a frequent visit destination.
Carlos Aragón
Carlos Aragón: Very cosy and rustic vibe for this place, I went on a group activity, they really do meat properly when you asked them, I asked medium rare and I did get it! Lovely place, would definitely come back
Mirabel I
Mirabel I: Excellent food, great service. Would highly recommend, of note, they do close after lunch and re-open for dinner. Also have ample parking space available. If going during peak hours might be worth making a reservation.
Rodolfo Molina
Rodolfo Molina: Great service and menu. Bacchus might not be the best Italian restaurant in the area but it has the best ambient and always delivers in menu and food quality.
Myss Kaye
Myss Kaye: Meal was great! Had the Meat Lasagna. Waiter was great! Patient and accommodating! He introduced us to chocolate shots!! Was delicious!! A must when you’re in Costa Rica!!!
Response: Good afternoon, thank you very much for the comment, we hope to see you soon.
Mariangel Mora
Mariangel Mora: This place is a work of art, from the ambiance, the food and the service! Wine list will find taste and wallet choices for everyone. It is pricey but it walks the talk! My favorite dish is the lobster ravioli with the pistachio sauce! Paired w a good Pinot noir and you can call it a night!
Response: Thank you sir for your comments, have a nice week!!!
Teryl Stacey
Teryl Stacey: Food was good. Service too. Nice outdoor seating. Would go again.

9. Gallo Rojo - San Rafael

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473 reviews
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Gallo Rojo
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Address: Del Bac 350 mts norte, contiguo a Zen Designs, Costa Rica, San Rafael, Costa Rica

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12 PM

Telephone: +506 2289 5254

Business type: Restaurant

Gallo Rojo: what do users think?
Milan: Very nice place to have delicious food. I particularly enjoyed the steamed bun with chicken and also the ribs were very delicious. Definitely check it when you are in the area!
Lydia C.
Lydia C.: Our favorite asian place in San José. Many gluten-free and dairyfree options, great service, great portion sizes and everything that we had was super delish. Pad Thai is one of our to-go’s here. Will always be back
George Sun
George Sun: My favorite one, drinks and meals are absolutely outstanding, you must try the ramen and the Caribbean dish as well.
Ram Kumar Rengaswamy
Ram Kumar Rengaswamy: Wide selection of dishes from different parts of the world. We had delicious ramen, Korean bbq, Caribbean fish. There is a kids menu as well. There is also a selection of beers and cocktails. Great serviceFood: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 4/5Recommended dishes Ramen Parking space Plenty of parking Parking options Free parking lot …More
Isaac Reimers
Isaac Reimers: Good food, great service at right prices
Kathy Hua
Kathy Hua: The staff is amazing here, and the gua bao is tasty. I was a little disappointed with my ramen though. The flavors weren’t as rich as I was hoping. I think the best thing about this place is the atmosphere.
Melissa Anderson
Melissa Anderson: The food was delicious. The shrimp taco was amazing! Also one of the best pisco sours of my life.
Ian Ondoy Quirós
Ian Ondoy Quirós: Really good place with a vast variety of international food. All well seasoned, good flavor and great attention to details.We had a Dinner with my work partners and bosses there, when they had an special menu.
Philippe Martin
Philippe Martin: Amazing food, great service.Since we just landed in Costa Rica, we weren’t aware of the 9PM curfew. Andres, the chef, kindly drove us to our hotel since we couldn’t call a Uber or a taxi. We can’t thank him enough.
Bruno Ferenci
Bruno Ferenci: I ordered to home delivery, had the Costillas de cerdo con salsa gochujang which was super good. Would order it again or maybe visit the restaurant personally.

10. La Esquina de Buenos Aires - Soledad

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3068 reviews
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La Esquina de Buenos Aires
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Address: Iglesia Nuestra Señora de la Soledad, Calle 11 esquina Av. 4 Detrás de la, San José, Costa Rica

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11:30 AM

Telephone: +506 2223 1909

Business type: Argentinian restaurant

La Esquina de Buenos Aires: what do users think?
John Schall
John Schall: Very delicious! I had the Tortilla Española appetizer, and Flat Iron steak. She made the cocktails to perfection! The atmosphere and service is five stars!Food: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Joanne Lee
Joanne Lee: Great dining experience! Ordered the beef empanada and 3 mushroom over fried polenta for appetizers. The bread and butter were superb. My entree of beef in malbec reduction with potato gratin was delicious! Finished off with flan and decaf coffee. We went back for a second time during our short trip. Thank you for letting us in despite full house. We sat at the bar for dinner, desserts and drinks. The bar tenders were AWESOME. Thank you again for a great time.
Wendy Schweikert
Wendy Schweikert: Warm ambience, interesting decor, extensive menu and wine selection. Excellent service. We had reservations for lunch and everything met our high expectations. Our group shared mussels, empanadas, ensalada primavera, sopa pumpkin, Lomita en Bernese sauce, blood sausage. Chocolate mousse with walnuts for dessert. Be certain to request whipped cream with the mousse. All delicious! Highly recommend.
Efi Karra
Efi Karra: I visited this restaurant twice and the food was amazing both times. The decor and atmosphere is great. The service was excellent. I will absolutely come back to this restaurant when I visit CR again!
Steven: Believe the hype and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise Everything here is curated and executed with an immense accuracy The tenderloin steak was a perfect medium and juicy beyond my wildest dreams; potatoes seasoned beautifully Mozzarella empanadas; spinach croquettes, and polenta were appetizers and were all executed beautifully ..empanadas were light fluffy and crispy, croquettes were soft and flavorful while maintaining a crispy exterior We finished with flan, which had lovely dollops of caramel and was fragrant My hat goes off to the chef who brought Argentinian and Costa Rican palettes together at this beautiful spot, highly recommend The waiter was extra amazing and cut and plated everything in half so my wife and I could share everything, thank you <3
Francisco Javier Urra
Francisco Javier Urra: This is probably the best restaurant in Costa Rica. Everything is perfect. Food is amazing. Atmosphere is unbeatable. Service is top notch , with professional waiters that do their work flawless and rapidly, without any exaggeration (old style great waiters). Quality of the products are top. Decoration is like truly being in an old Buenos Aires restaurant. Wine list is amazing. And final bonus, it is located in a true building: that may sound awkward , so let me explain. Most restaurants in Costa Rica are located in shopping plazas, overseeing parking lots. Being myself European, that kills the experience a lot. La Esquina de Buenos Aires is not the case, you walk in , and it’s in an urban environment. So may say downtown San Jose is not the most appealing environment, but for me, not feeling in a US-style shopping “plaza” , it makes definitely a difference.
Mehreen Chaudry
Mehreen Chaudry: Amazing food and amazing service. Our waiter Jeison was incredible. Would recommend and hope to return.

11. DOMA ESCALANTE - Escalante

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Address: #1146, DOMA ESCALANTE esquina sureste de la rotonda El Farolito, Barrio Escalante, San José Province, San José, 10101, Costa Rica

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5 PM Wed

Telephone: +506 8945 6669

Business type: Restaurant

DOMA ESCALANTE: what do users think?
Carlos Perrett
Carlos Perrett: By far my favorite place in all of Barrio Escalante. From the drinks to the food to the service it is all extremely well thought out. The food is just amazing — nothing on the menu ever fails to satisfy. I love that they have vegan and gluten free options!
Federico Zoufaly
Federico Zoufaly: Everything was spectacular. The ambiance, the service and the food. I specially enjoyed the “carpaccio de berenjena” and the ossobuco. The gnocchi Gorgonzola with octopus were also delicious. We finalized with a sample of desserts and the tangerine Pavlova was my favorite. Highly recommended!
Raquel: Good gourmet / fusion plates for lunch or dinner. Perfect brunch options. Nice decor, terrace and garden. Great service and cocktail bar.And the wonderful world class local design boutique by Toribio & Donato!
Yodeny Zayas
Yodeny Zayas: Amazing experience, the food, the ambiance and the service were all top notch. Would highly recommend the tasting menu so you can sample a little bit of everything that this great place has to offer.
Hayley Hoffman
Hayley Hoffman: Excellent, delightful, delicious. The chicken liver parfait is a must and endnwith the perfect Pavlova!!Food: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Alex Zarounas
Alex Zarounas: Such an amazing restaurant with very welcoming staff. The food is beautifully presented and tastes as good as it looks, very delicious. The cocktails are also amazing and will definitely be back for more the next time I’m in Costa Rica.
Okan Tezucar
Okan Tezucar: Few days ago when I just learned that Richard Neat and 3 friends opened a new restaurant, I just couldn’t wait to go and visit the place. Nothing more to say!!! Doma is a jewel like Park Cafe used to be. Richards was kind enough to suggest and prepare 6 delicious entries for me and for my wife with 2 bottles of CA wine. We had a great time. Service was excellent, food and wine took more then 2 hrs to consume but we were satisfied just like when we used to visit Park Cafe… Great job guys, thank you!!
Marilynn Walker
Marilynn Walker: My husband and I have travelled to every country in the world . The food in every country is unique and we have eaten in some of the best restaurants the world has to offer. Our experience today at Doma Escalante was unique and incredible. It can easily be classified as a world class gastronomic experience. We were 4 and we shared almost all,of the plates on the menu. Incredible. Thank you and your wait staff for a wonderful experience. This was a glorious afternoon in pandemic times.

12. Sikwa Restaurante en Costa Rica - Los Yoses

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118 reviews
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Sikwa Restaurante en Costa Rica
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Address: C. 41, Los Yoses, San José, Costa Rica

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6 PM

Telephone: +506 7093 1662

Business type: Restaurant

Sikwa Restaurante en Costa Rica: what do users think?
Brian Ipock
Brian Ipock: The restaurant and team here highlight the best parts of Costa Rica and its bountiful ingredients at Sikwa. Every dish in the 5 course menu had balanced and complex flavors, complementing the natural ingredients sourced throughout the country. It was a wonderful experience and you could taste the pride in costa rica and its cuisine.
Timo Behrend
Timo Behrend: We weren’t disappointed in this restaurant. The food was authentic and delicious. The drinks had a nice twist as well. Make sure to book ahead as the place fills up quickly.
Kelly Luc
Kelly Luc: What a special experience! So many new flavors and dishes — all in a beautiful restaurant with great ambiance and excellent service ☺️ The pork belly and tamale dish was excellent.
Response: Thanks 🙏🏼
Peter Berkers
Peter Berkers: With an organised trip i went to Costa Rica. For our last evening we had chosen to eat local Costa Rican Food. A travel guide adviced Sikwa Restaurante when you would like to eat local Costa Rican dishes in San José. With a group of 13 we went to Sikwa and it was a nice evening. The food was delicious and the waiters were super friendly and advised their favorite dishes of the menu and answered all our questions about the food. I had chosen de Pejibaye tamale and for desert the purple corn flan. I tasted different local flavours and the composition of the food on the plates was nice. After dinner the tourleader asked for a nice and safe place to go out on that Saturday evening. And they advised Antik. That was a good and safe location with good music and atmosphere.
Response: Thank you very much for your comments, you are welcome anytime!
Ethan: A great experience! Food is delicious. Service is very attentive. The cultural preservation aspect is commendable. Would recommend
Christopher Taylor
Christopher Taylor: Beautiful restaurant with elevated food and drink offerings. The thing I liked most was the music, most places seem to play English speaking stuff, but Sikwa actually had cumbia etc. Highly recommend. Great staff!
David Clarke
David Clarke: Excellent food. Plenty of vegan options. Great atmosphere and friendly staff.
Imelda K
Imelda K: I stumbled upon this place while I was looking for a different place. The exquisite food and ambiance made my last night in Costa Rica memorable. The service is absolutely flawless. The server provided amazing customer service and I was really impressed by his knowledge of the menu. Cant say I have ever given five stars to a restaurant..guess this is a first!
Max Bruno
Max Bruno: Traditional costarican food from ages ago.I was not impressed with the meal to be completely honest.
Response: Thanks

13. Lubnan - San Bosco

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Address: WWM6+W6F, Frente a la Torre Mercedes Benz, P.º Colón, San José, Costa Rica

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11 AM

Telephone: +506 2257 6071

Business type: Lebanese restaurant

Lubnan: what do users think?
Rahul Kurup
Rahul Kurup: Nice ambiance. Not too pricey and friendly staff. Love the Lebanese food and I was craving for it after meeting few folks from Lebanon and taking about food. Read about this place in a book. Ordered Muhammara (love it ), hummus, baba ganoush. Falafel. We had a live belly dance performance as well.
Deborah Staab
Deborah Staab: The atmosphere, food, and service was excellent! My husband and I ordered the combination meal for two so we could have a taste of many dishes. Wow! What a meal! The price was very affordable, too!
Laura Remus
Laura Remus: Freddy was our server and we had the most amazing experience!! Service and food were fantastic. Strong drinks and fresh food.Food: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
R. L.
R. L.: Absolutely phenomenal. Super authentic Lebanese vibe. The food is superb! The lamb ribs were phenomenal. So was the meal my girlfriend ordered(stuffed cabbage rolls). Music and dancing for entertainment during dinner hour on a Thursday. Busy inside but amazing service and quick to get our food. Only downfall was being charged 1550 colones for a small cheap bottle of water. 10/10 would recommend this place. Prolly even go back tomorrow for a Kebbab
Johan Böhlin
Johan Böhlin: Great food! Very fresh and plenty of options. Clearly marked dishes for what is vegan and vegetarian. Also many many meat dishes. Service is friendly, fast and with good English skills. Five out of five falafels, would eat again.
Adityaa SNU
Adityaa SNU: Awesome place to have Lebanese food. Must try number 30 on the menu. It has all the dishes in small quantities for ur taste buds. The staff is courteous and really hats off to chefs.

14. Le Bistrot de Paris - Pitahaya

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255 reviews
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Le Bistrot de Paris
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Address: Torres de Paseo Colon - Planta Baja San José, 10101, Costa Rica

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7:30 AM

Telephone: +506 4702 2781

Business type: Restaurant

Le Bistrot de Paris: what do users think?
Kimberly Martin
Kimberly Martin: Great French restaurant with a bakery/breakfast also. Very nice, very French ambiance. Good for multiple occasions. Nice bar. Food is excellent. Good service! In downtown San Jose area. Was walkable from the cavallini dental Clinic. Been here many times and keep Coming back. Such good food and ambiance. Had salad, corvina and salmon. Profiteroles for dessert. Aperol Spritz for drink. Can’t go wrong here. Can even grab dessert from the bakery. Highly recommend. $50 pp for 1 drink each, 1 app, 2 fish dinners and 1 desert shared for 2. Left super full amd with leftovers. Can’t wait to try the French onion soup next time. Our hotel includes breakfast from here. Just love.
Response: Good morning Kimberly, thank you for your review. If you really liked the Bistrot plz give us a 5 stars because the 4 stars actually affect our ranking in a negative way since we overall have 4.7 . Thank you so much, and hope to see you back soon
Leanda Williams
Leanda Williams: The waitress was nice, attentive, The food was great, tasty. The service was great. The chef gave us a nice tasty desert. I highly recommend this place.
Response: Thank you very much !
René Schütte-Bruns
René Schütte-Bruns: Outstanding food and quality. This restaurant was a random find since it was close to my accommodation, yet I absolutely did not regret to go here. You can taste the quality of the ingredients and the love the chefs put into the preparation of their food. I have been eating at many places throughout my travels, but this one is certainly playing in the league of the best restaurants I have been to. Highly recommended and totally worth the slightly upscale prices.
Response: Thank you very much for your comments. Much appreciated 🙏
Bartosz Brozek
Bartosz Brozek: French cafe and restaurant decorated in typical Parisienne style. We only had few cakes and a coffee, both were really good. Food menu looks interesting and I would love to try it next time when in town
Response: Thanks. Please come back for more 🙏
Stijn Floren
Stijn Floren: Awesome food. The ham cheese croissant and the jamon ciabatta were delicious 😋 service is friendly and efficient!Food: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 4/5 …More
Response: Thank you so much for your review !
juan carlos Borbon
juan carlos Borbon: The service was awful, they forgot to provide us with water, napkins, cutlery... We ordered a sirloin steak that was cheap and poor quality. Fries coming with it, were re-fried and made 4 hours ago, burnt and salty. Unexistent choice of sauces. Waiters seemed to be amateurs not professionals as we had to remind them repeatedly we did not have water. Worst of it all, it was expensive as hell.
Response: Good afternoon sir. We are very sorry for your bad experience at the Bistrot. Could you give us more details regarding the day this happened and the time so we can investigate what happened. We are more than willing to assume our mistakes if we make some of them, so please contact us directly at the following email: and we will be happy to help you. Thanks a lot. Hello Sir, sorry to hear about your bad experience at the Bistrot. Please give us more details when this happened to find out exactly what happened this day. We always take pride in giving our clients a good service and the best quality so if we ever made some mistakes you can be sure we will take responsibility for it. You can write to us directly at and we will do our best to help you. Thank you.
Bella Birgau
Bella Birgau: We came to Costa Rica for spring break and we were starving!! We went grocery shopping next door and we passed the French restaurant, when we came back to our hotel the hotel staff also recommended we go there and we did! The food was amazing, both me and my mom had the ribeye steak with the French fries and the salad (salad was just as delicious as the entrees). While waiting for our food we browsed the display of beautiful desserts. We got some to go as well, I couldn’t tell you what they are called but we ate every bite and still wanted more. Fabian was our server and being a bartender myself I was thoroughly impressed with how clean and organized everything was. I ordered a Sol beer that he squeezed lime on the bottom of the glass and made it even more delicious. He did a great job and we HAVE to go back one more time before we leave. 100/10 definitely recommend!!!
Response: Thank you so much for your comments 🙏
Jessica Mylan
Jessica Mylan: Beautiful place for DELICIOUS French food! I had coffee and french onion soup- and it was spot on with strong flavors of cognac and rich melted cheese! Beautiful, clean atmosphere off the bustling Paseo Colon. Their pastries and main dishes also looked fabulous! Classically hospitable Tico service as well. Highly recommend for a nice meal or a cafe and pastry stop!
Response: Thank you very much for your comments. Much appreciated

15. Doris Metropolitan - Santa Ana

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672 reviews
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Doris Metropolitan
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Address: En calle 1, entre avenidas 1 y 3, San José Province, Santa Ana, 10901, Costa Rica

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10 AM

Telephone: +506 2282 2221

Business type: Restaurant

Doris Metropolitan: what do users think?
Daniel Sevilla
Daniel Sevilla: Came here for brunch based on previous experiences and recommendations from friends and family, was slightly disappointed with it. There aren’t enough options for brunch, and even though the service was really good, we weren’t assisted enough to make a choice from the little options available. Steaks are amazing, lunch and dinner are top notch in here, the best in my opinion. Our choices for brunch were really tasty. But for brunch, this probably won’t be my next choice of place.
Wesley Hodges
Wesley Hodges: Long-awaited first time at Doris Metropolitan (although I figured it would be in my old home place of New Orleans and not the original San Jose 🇨🇷 location! Beautiful space in Santa Ana neighborhood with impeccable service. Thoroughly enjoyed the artichoke flower, sizable octopus app and the chopped tagliatelle (never seen this noodle chopped like that and the pecorino Romano was A+) but the T-Bone was the star of the show. Was just the two of us but cool to see so many families enjoying meals at Doris (kids menu and a playground outside) - if was a local I’d take advantage of the more casual portion of the menu (burgers and pastas). Hope to make it back one day, much more affordable than the US menus and just an all-around great first dining experience at Doris!
Stephanie Kwong
Stephanie Kwong: If you love meats, you must stop over here at Doris, they have all sorts of cuts and cooked to perfection the way you like it. Also a really nice restaurant and environment perfect to impress a date or to celebrate with friends and family. Highly recommend 👌🏽
Ricardo Morales Bejarano
Ricardo Morales Bejarano: We went to have dinner, the food was good! Prices are high but expect a great service quality and good variety of cuts. Overall a nice place to go on a special occasion.Food: 4/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
H.M. LEE: We had porterhouse steak, a pasta and an octopus dish, which were all good. But it cost us as much. Here in Costa Rica eating out is very expensive and this restaurant is no exception($200+ for 4 people).
Charlie Chou
Charlie Chou: the services and decoration is great and the quality of the meat is decent . I have been there couple times already however it’s a standard steakhouse and I didn’t find that special kick to give it a 5 stars
maor nabiev
maor nabiev: What a great place the eat and enjoy your time in Costa Rica Doris metropolitan thank you very much high quality fresh food and drinks I had really good time
Lior Lindvor
Lior Lindvor: Great restaurant. Service was excellent, the entrecôte was medium rare exactly like we asked cuts are amazing. One of the best steakhouse I ate for a long time. Thank you for a great experience. The octopus for starter was ok. But the carpaccio was amazing. If you are searching for a great steak, thus is your place to go.
Mary Claire Danowitz
Mary Claire Danowitz: Great dinner, delicious steaks but we had to wait for over an hour for the bill. I understand we had some extra requirements for the bill but we were ignored for the full hour while we waited- with empty water glasses and little to no explanation for the exorbitant wait time. Ruined the good mood of the whole meal.
Irina Bors
Irina Bors: Best meal I had while in Costa Rica. Delicious selections of meat, the service is impeccable and so is the cooking. The wine list is quite exquisite and I bet worth trying each wine on the list. Their home bread was incredibly tasty and lovely opener for next dishes. It was pricey, but worth it. Would warmly recommend it to anyone.

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