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1. Acupuntura Feng La - Yoses Sur

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Acupuntura Feng La
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Address: 500 metros oeste de Casa Presidencial, contiguo a Zom Radio, San José, Zapote, Costa Rica

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9:30 AM

Telephone: +506 2253 1704

Business type: Acupuncture clinic

Acupuntura Feng La: what do users think?

Katherine Díaz Hernández: I do not recommend this place to learn Traditional Chinese Medicine. In August 2020 I enrolled the course, which in theory was going to be taught for a year, and it was canceled 3 months later, without any remuneration for everything invested: tuition, books and monthly payments. I even paid for the last monthly fee a week before Yat Su canceled the course and he refused to refund me for the three classes that were not held. Being acupuncture a system based on energies, Yat Su does not work with the best intentions, simply focused on money, even appropriating money that does not belong to him. Lousy experience!

2. Universidad de Ciencias Medicas - Balcón Verde

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Universidad de Ciencias Medicas
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Address: 400m Oeste de la Heladería POPS, Carr. Vieja a Escazú, San José, 10108, Costa Rica

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7:30 AM

Telephone: +506 2549 0000

Business type: Private university

Universidad de Ciencias Medicas: what do users think?

Maxwell Kissel: I got a medical degree here. so i am not impartial. And said degree seems to be very respectable within the country, and to some degree outside aswell. Formitable classes, and best clinical rotations (perhaps minus one other school in the country) Would recomend, but with disclaimer. because when it comes to thier internal politics towards thier students well... compared to US higher educational instituions they are fantastic. But when compared to Costa Ricans, they come across as crooks.

Géne Thomaz: Really good app :-D

Ramón Narvaez Sequeira: Private university where nutrition, medicine and microbiology courses are taught, in my opinion the best private university in its field.

René Arcángel Alas Cortez: From what we hear from the people that we can transport and who study at said university, it is one of the most prestigious institutions in the training of medical professionals, and people from other countries even come to train as doctors in such a renowned educational institution. .

Andrey SALAZAR: Good university for the study of the health area, it has a large space, study place, parking, well-prepared teachers and its classrooms have support material in good condition, in addition to special classes such as "computing" the equipment is in optimal conditions, the laboratories have a large amount of material and likewise prevention methods and in case of emergency the area destined for this

Francisco Cascante: Well, it is considered one of the best in its specialty c / medical, in addition to its full facilities

Jose Francisco Palacio Torrez: The buildings are very well taken care of, it has ample space to study, the soda is very large, there are lockers to store things, and most importantly, it has large parks.

Jesus acuña: Excellent place, super clean facilities and very complete protocols against Covid-19, I congratulate you.

Fátima Astúa Badilla: I want to study there when I grow up because it is my dream and long-term goal

Vicente Campos: Excellent place for health science education

3. Adroge S.A. - Soledad

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Address: C. 11, Soledad, San José, Costa Rica

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 1 PM

Telephone: +506 2257 0098

Business type: Acupuncture clinic

Adroge S.A.: what do users think?

German Naranjo: Excellent results in acupuncture and physiotherapy treatments, the professionals who work with Dr. Naranjo have excellent treatment of patients.

Caruzo AS: It is excellent, I like it a lot

4. UNIBE - Anselmo Llorente

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Address: Calle, 102, San José, 11303, Costa Rica

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8 AM

Telephone: +506 2240 0400

Business type: University

UNIBE: what do users think?

Jessica Saucedo: The international relations department is one lady who is of no help. I was accepted into the medical program and when I attempted to bring my concerns to the “Decano” and he was of no help. The international relations, Viviana attempted to say that my children were not my dependents so I would not receive funding for them thru sallie Mae and not have enough funds to support our family while I study. I attempted to contact sallie Mae as well and they were of no help. In the end I loose one semesters funds of schooling which were wasted on studying at UNIBE and no other school will accept their credits, abroad or in Costa Rica. Foreigners pay 3x normal tuition and they do not focus on USMLE at all so you are left on your own. Look for another foreign medical school. This school is not appropriate for Americans they just want your money

Randall Quesada: Excellent service at an excellent price. Most private health insurances are accepted

Faby WM: Everything counts and the facilities are very nice, the attention is very good from the entrance, to the consultation itself, Dr. León Blanco, excellent in the treatment, the prices are accessible and with financing options. Very happy with the service received.

Jairo Madrigal Alfaro: It is an excellent university and my dream is to be able to study medicine at some point it would be a privilege first God and one day I will be able to because I know that it is number one in our country in the area of ​​medicine and that will not change blessings and truly my best wishes For UNIBE 👍

Alexander Mora M: Yesterday I went to an appointment and it turned out that the parking for 50 minutes stole 1500 incredible abuse 😡 not to return

Carmen Goitia: The nursing staff is incredible, they work with a lot of mystique and commitment... Truly, a thousand thanks... Good place to decide to have surgery. they make you feel at home

Doris Castro: Very good service.

christian vargas: Excellent attention, the hygiene measures for my criteria exceed many that I have seen in other hospitals, private, their very competent and very friendly staff in all areas and most importantly the excellent prices, they adjust to the needs that we are going through this pandemic, I recommend it 100% ..

Venado Veliz: Excellent Hospital, with highly qualified personnel and a lot of humility.

Alejandro Chaves: Definitely an exceptional place out of 100 could give it a 110 the attention, the human affection, the fraternity, the understanding, the sweetness and the love that all the staff have for their clients or patients is simply and simply magnificent, its price is a super accessible price at the level of private hospitals the surgery that was performed in other places such as the Cima hotel or the biblical clinic the treatment What was done in this surgery and in this super hospital had a cost of 3,500,000 colones and the level was higher than the other clinics in which we have been in the abyss and in the biblical one and not even to comment on the excessive abuse of clinics like the Catholic In any of these last three clinics, the cost of the same surgery had a value greater than 7 million colones.

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